A World-Class Consultant

You must be looking for a proven world-class branding and advertising consultant. Why else would you be here?

So would you prefer a strategic top gun from one of the largest ad agencies in the world? Or how about a branding & advertising wizard who runs a hot creative shop in the heart of New York City?

Mel Ciociola has excelled in both of those roles, building major brands as one of the top Worldwide Creative Officers for BBDO and for more than two decades as the creative force behind Ciociola & Company in midtown Manhattan.

A valued strategist, visionary and advisor to Chairmen, Presidents and Chief Marketing Executives, his award-winning work has appeared in more than 35 countries and 8 languages around the world, for some of the brands you know and love best.

Ciociola now consults with clients and agencies in the Lehigh Valley on a project basis, ready to assist you with everything from branding and strategy to client/agency relationships, creative and beyond.

If you’d like to know more about Mel and his work, you’ve come to the right place.